Sunday, July 26, 2015

Let me tell you about my Milkshake!

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True Story - I am at my mom's house and my mom gives Aubrey chocolate milk (milk with chocolate syrup) and Aubrey says, "this doesn't taste like healthy chocolate milk!"

When my mom asked what "healthy chocolate milk" was - I told her that Aubrey drinks Shakeology daily with me!

 My mom said, "Oh, I am surprised you let her drink that - Ryan (my brother) said it has ingredients in it that he couldn't pronounce"

"Mom, not many people can pronounce 'Obeldobel' (my maiden name) but that doesn't mean it is bad!" I replied

This had me thinking - maybe other people think the same thing! And maybe people don't know what makes Shakeology so fabulous! And maybe people think this is comparable to a protein shake sitting on the counter at the store!

So here I am, the nerd that I am - and I am going to break this down - one by one...

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