Wednesday, July 15, 2015

E&E - energy and endurance!

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We are busy, busy, busy at Summit - and I have succumbed to peer pressure - and I am so glad I did! Can you say 'game changer'? Seriously, I was nervous about high heat and intense cardio workouts combined with traveling, long days and just being out of sorts - but this my friends, kept me on my game - in the trainings, at the late night events and especially in the workouts! I'll admit, I am hooked! Already ordered some for when I get home!

Why E&E?
diamond beachbody coach, dramatic weight loss, e&e, energy, Erin Traill, faster results, fit mom, improve workout, night shift nurse, Pittsburgh, pre workout

  • A pre-workout formula can help address complaints of "fatigue" or "lack of energy" prior to a workout. 
  • Drinking a pre-workout supplement can help you power up with energy to succeed in your workout and help fuel your body to tackle the most challenging fitness programs.
  • Improve your energy, endurance, strength, and focus - designed to help you power through and maximize every moment of your workouts. It's a proprietary blend of advanced nitric oxide boosters, amino acids, natural energizers, electrolytes, and essential B vitamins, created to help you start fast and finish strong

Will it improve my results?

  • Yes, if you are able to push yourself more during the workouts, naturally you will burn more calories - therefore, maximizing your results!

What's in this stuff?

  • Advanced nitric oxide boosters to help speed more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles for better performance.
  • Natural energizers to help increase energy and focus to maximize your workout.
  • Amino acids to help promote muscular energy and overall workout performance.
  • Electrolytes to help fight dehydration and support optimal muscle function.
  • Essential B vitamins to promote a strong metabolism to provide energy so you can burn fat.
  • Stevia for natural, zero-calorie sweetness.
  • You will NOT find artificial ingredients, sugars or untested products unlike other pre-workout drinks!
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