Thursday, October 29, 2015

Eating Clean after Halloween!

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Even though it isn't even Halloween, those mini candy bars are everywhere! And admit it, you have had one or two or six haha! I know, I know - me too! And now the skinny jeans are super tight and the sweaters are a little snug... Oh and all the yummy comfort food! Ready for a fresh start? And you probably don't want to eat salads all winter long, right? I gotcha! If you are like me, you want those warm filling comfort foods but not at the cost of my waist line!

I have cleaned up, modified, tasted and perfected some of my favorite fall dishes - and I want to share them with you! Along with these recipes you will get clean eating, budget and meal planning tips and tricks!

Sound good? Perfect, I am hosting a 5 day Clean Eating after Halloween Group with a focus on your favorite fall dishes! Soups, desserts, game day appetizers, and crockpot meals! Budget and family friendly meals and tips! This group is a closed group on Facebook and I would love to have you be a part of it! in?

Create a free (yes, I promise it is completely free) beachbody account under me! HERE!!!

 Then vote for me! (Click on photo to vote) - Here is my story, if you are curious!

Finally, send me a friend request on Facebook (we have to be friends for me to add you in!) and a picture or screen shot of proof that you voted in a PM and you are in!

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