Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fit Mom Review - S'well Water Bottles

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With summer approaching, I kept thinking about how I would keep water cold without spending a million dollars on water bottles at the park. Plus who wants all that waste?

But seriously, every water bottle I ever purchased has been an disappointment in one way or another - leaked, sweat, didn't keep my water cold, made my water taste funny, and on and on.

I recently heard of S'well water bottles, and I wondered if they were really worth their price tag. As far as water bottles go, they are pricey. They claim to keep cold beverages cold for 24 hours, don't sweat or leak. Pretty much sounded perfect to me!

So I had to test it out - I purchased the 1 Liter size, in hopes that it would work well for a day at the park with the girls.

I filled my new water bottle up with cold water and tossed it in my hot car, in the sun for 10 hours. I came back to it - water was still cold, still had ice. No sweat on the outside and water still tasted great.

Then I dropped it down the steps - no leaks.

In my opinion this bottle was worth the price tag - I actually ordered them for the girls. Oh, and I forgot to tell you - there are tons of patterns, colors and even textures! This bottle has this fit mom's seal of approval!

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