Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shannon - T25

If my wonderful coworker, Shannon B. does not inspire you - I don't know who will! Shannon is a wife, mother of two beautiful kiddos, a nurse, and has the most amazing faith.

Shannon came to me after having brain surgery, which left her with balance issues, dizziness and deafness in her right ear. She saw my T25 transformation, and wanted to get started... I am not going to lie was a little nervous for her and I tried to talk her into another program - but she was ready to do this and she dove right in!

Shannon was diagnosed with a Endolymphatic Sac tumor in January of this year. The surgery was March 31st and balance nerve was severed on the right side, leaving her left side balance nerve to compensate - she basically had to relearn how to balance herself! Post operatively she had headaches and dizziness, and pretty much bound to the couch. She was blessed with friends and family, who brought her family food - but the combination of eating and unable to move much left her gaining weight and she weighed as much as she did 9 months pregnant.

Erin Traill, Diamond  Beachbody coach, t25, focus t25, shaun T, transformation story, weight loss, success story, before and after photos, challenge groups, support groups, weight lossWhen Shannon was cleared to exercise she got started in one of my challenge groups, I was very nervous that she would lose her balance with the quick movements of T25, but she assured me she would take it slow! Shannon followed Tania, T25's lovely modifier for some of the side to side moves. So even with modification she was able to lose weight steadily!

With Shakeology, Shannon says she felt more energetic, satisfied and the chocolate was like a sweet treat for her that she never misses!

Shannon has inspired me and so many others, most importantly her mom to embrace a healthier lifestyle..  I could not be more proud of Shannon in all she has accomplished so far! I want to leave you with this beautiful quote from Shannon - "We have this one body and after surgery, I have a renewed appreciation for it and a thankfulness to God that it was His plan for me to come through the surgery well. Not all are blessed with that outcome. Want to live well with my husband and model to my kids a healthy life!"


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