Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mission - #everysweatmatters

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This month, I am excited to be Sweating for Something Bigger! And supporting my fellow coach, Katy Ursta - who in her early thirties, with 2 young sons was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. Working as an oncology nurse years ago, I know first hand what a horrific diagnosis this is. She underwent 12 rounds of some of the harshest chemotherapy, every other week for 24 weeks. As a coach, she wondered - "who would ever want me as a coach?" Little did she know how many people she would inspire along the way. Sick, tired, scared - before chemo and again after chemo she would sweat it out, in her sweat sessions she felt like she could be herself... She could sweat for something bigger, sweat for those who couldn't, sweat because she still could...

She continued to be consistent in her coaching and workouts, and she TURNED HER MESS INTO HER MESSAGE! Her last scans showed that she is CANCER FREE :)
Her story is real, its inspirational, its unique and it has helped to take her on a new journey as she has been NOMINATED AS PITTSBURGH WOMAN OF THE YEAR!!!

Katy's goal is to donate 100,000$ to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help those who fought blood cancers through this horrific and expensive diagnosis. So our teams goal is to help Katy reach her big scary goal - We are hosting a Fit Club with a special guest speaker (Katy!!), a live workout, and a Shakeology bar! 100% of proceeds from this event will go to LLS! I would love to see you there, SWEATING FOR SOMETHING BIGGER!!!

For tickets and donations, please visit:

Your donations are greatly appreciated, I would like to personally thank you for attending - so please let me know and I will look for you on the 28th!

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