Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jen - T25

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AHHHH!! I am so excited to announce Jen's transformation! Jen and I went to high school together and recently reconnected on Facebook.... Jen watched my transformation with T25 and said "I want in!" She became one of my first challengers! Jen came to my house, I helped her with her before photos, measurements and we talked about clean eating... She said "I want to lose 30 pounds in 60 days like you did", I said "I am here for you, lets do it"
And the challenge started!!! What is soo amazing about Jen is she is a mom, wife and was starting a new job the same week the challenge started!!! Jen has 2 boys that are less than a year apart and keep her sooo busy - they are 18 months and 8 months!!!
Jen and I talked on Facebook and via text almost daily about clean eating, challenges we faced, water intake, our kids and marriages... It has been amazing reconnecting with her! And now I am so proud to have her as a coach on my team!!!!
Jen's transformation is just beginning, now she has joined me in a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group and I know she is going to nail it! When Jen told me she was going to drop 30 pounds with T25, I was honestly skeptical, I knew how hard I had to work (in and out of the kitchen) to drop the weight... but she did even better and lost a whole pound more than I did!!! Way to go Jen!
Join Jen and I in our next challenge group!!! Click here to earn an exclusive spot!

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